Finally, the missing link to keep your loved ones safe... Even when you're NOT there to
protect them.

Retired Navy SEAL and former female foreign service “intelligence professional” reveal situational awareness and threat detection secrets formerly only available to government and military assets.

Retired US Navy SEAL Team 3 member, Larry Yatch and Anne Yatch Situational Awareness Training

Retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch, and his wife, Anne

These tactics kept them alive in REAL WORLD solo & small unit operations overseas in hostile countries.

If you’re one of the 11.1 million concealed carry permit holders, 800,000 law enforcement personnel or one of the tens of millions of people who are serious about self-defense, you know how important it is for you and your loved ones to be able to protect yourself against muggings, rape, and other violent attacks whenever possible.

Part of that protection means being able to take care of business as quickly and effectively as possible if an attack happens.

But a bigger part of the picture is being able to detect and avoid threats before they even happen.


"The greatest victory is that which requires no battle."

-Sun Tzu


In short, every fight that you’re able to avoid is one less chance for some knucklehead bad guy to get lucky, and one less chance for a blood sucking trial attorney to sue you and bleed you dry for protecting yourself.

But did you know MOST of what's currently being taught about situational awareness is
just plain wrong?

Most situational awareness training that you get from martial arts or firearms instructors gives you just enough information to walk around tense and nervous all of the time, but that’s exactly the opposite of what you want.

The big piece that they miss is HOW to develop your situational awareness skills.

And to be fair, they probably didn’t tell you because they don’t know exactly how they learned it themselves.

You see, for most people, they develop situational awareness skills through a process known as “survival of the fittest.” At some point they were told what to look for, but when it comes down to it, they know when things are going to go bad because they’ve been in similar situations before where things have gone bad before. They learn to listen to their “6th sense,” the “voice in their head,” the “hairs on their neck,” and/or "gut feelings."

The better they get at identifying threats early, the less pain they experience.

And if they don’t learn how to identify threats quickly enough, they get dead.

This method works, but it's not how you want your wife, parents, children, or other loved ones to learn.  Ideally, you'd want them to quickly learn a system that would let them identify future threats accurately…the first time…without having years of prior bad experiences to lean on.

What I’m going to share with you is a proven, step-by-step process to take anyone, including kids and loved ones who aren't tactically minded from being unaware to being situationally aware, relaxed and confident while skipping the “nervous and tense” phase and without having to go through the “survival of the fittest” phase.

Let me share a little story with you about Jack and Dianne.

They were an all-American couple, living in the heartland.

They kept hearing police officers and Sheriffs say that people should take responsibility for their own safety and get a concealed carry permit and carry, so they did…and they took a defensive pistol class too.

In both classes, the instructors told them to practice situational awareness and “look out for bad guys” but didn’t really tell them what to do other than to look for exits and study people.

Neither of them had much personal experience with extreme violence, so they did what the instructor said and started looking for exits and studying people.

And, since nature abhors a vacuum and the human mind tends to create whatever you tell it to look for, they started seeing “threats” everywhere, EVEN WHEN THREATS DIDN'T REALLY EXIST.

It was kind of exhausting. They were constantly on-edge because of the constant “threats” they were identifying.

And it was a little discouraging too. After identifying a few hundred “threats” that didn’t amount to anything, they stopped looking for threats and slipped back into a blissfully ignorant sheep-like state known as “condition white.”

Then someone introduced them to the SEALed Mindset Real World Safety situational awareness and threat detection course. First off, they thought it would be cool to get situational awareness training from elite military and intelligence professionals, like Larry and Anne.

But even better, they learned a clear, simple, proven system for quickly and easily evaluating their environment and the people around them for threats.

The training is so quick and simple that Jack and Dianne immediately felt more aware of their surroundings and were more relaxed because they were able to tell the difference between real and imaginary threats.

It was so effective that Jack (he was a middle school principal) started a program so every student in his school could go through it and they had their daughter go through it the next time she was home from college--it only made sense with rape stats being as bad as they are.

Are you interested in getting the same situational awareness training as Jack and Dianne for yourself and your loved ones?

I know you are.

I’ll tell you the price in a minute (it’s less than you think) but I want to tell you some of what you’ll learn when you go through the SEALed Mindset Real World Safety training,

You’ll learn…

  • 2 step Navy SEAL process to reinforce, encourage, and enhance your “6th sense”
  • 3 point grading scale for assessing threats
  • 4-step process for dealing with threats once you’ve identified them
  • How to identify the 1 particular type of area where most attacks happen
  • 3 types of altered mental status to look out for
  • Why profiling is not only good--it’s one of the keys to staying safe
  • How to identify when obeying authority and following the rules can get you killed
  • The one tactic used more by muggers and rapists than any other. Once you know it, you’ll be able to identify and avoid it from now on!
  • When and how to be anti-social to keep yourself safe

live-courseThis is unlike any situational awareness training that you’ve ever seen before.

In most martial arts and firearms classes, the situational awareness “training” takes less time than the bathroom break or focuses on memorizing endless details about the other people in the room.

And the high-level situational awareness training that IS available costs several hundred to a thousand dollars or more and is specialized…for firemen, oil refinery workers, and other specialized situations.

The Real World Safety course is 2 solid hours of instruction from a decorated US Navy SEAL who operated solo and as part of a 2 man team in hostile urban areas for months at a time and his wife, a female intelligence professional.

This is material that they have tested in real world situations and their being alive today is proof positive that it works.

larry-yacht-navy-sealIn fact, after $4 million of tactical training, paid for by the US Government Larry’s operational experience during multiple combat tours as a SEAL, THIS training is the training that he puts to use every single day, throughout the day, now that he’s a civilian again.

It’s currently used by military and law enforcement personnel, top tier Fortune 500 corporate executives, more than 2,000 middle school students as part of leadership and anti-bullying curriculum, and people like you who are serious about self defense and personal safety.


  • Instantly and effortlessly entering rooms and being able to unconsciously read the threat level like Jason Bourne.
  • Being able to “Pre-cog” danger, like on “Minority Report” so you can identify and react to threats…not when they’re right on top of you, but before they happen--when they’re seconds or even minutes away. It’s like having a time machine and always being able to see a minute or two into the future.
  • The peace of mind you’ll get when you share the training with your significant other and loved ones--even those in their teens and 20s--knowing that they’ll be able to “sniff danger” and avoid it so they don’t get into situations that might ruin the rest of their life.
  • When disaster does strike, being able to use an amazing Navy SEAL mental hack that lets you snap out of being “frozen with fear” instantly and take constructive action while those around you are still standing slack-jawed in disbelief.

Personally, the course helped me organize decades of highly developed situational awareness skills, fine tuned them to a level I wasn’t aware was possible, and taught me concepts that I didn’t even know existed.

What’s better, I’ve even watched it with my 5 & 8 year old boys and even they understood many of the concepts. I fast forwarded through the rape prevention and a couple other parts that they didn’t need to know about yet, but we watched the rest together and practice about and use the training daily.

You see, Situational Awareness and  Threat Detection isn’t JUST a tactical skill, it’s a life skill that both my family and I will be able to use for the rest of our lives. It will help keep them safe, even when I’m not around.

This goes WAY beyond “condition white” and “condition yellow."  The color codes are an awesome concept that I agree with 100%, but constantly being on the lookout for “Charlie” behind every bush usually just makes people unnecessarily paranoid.

True situational awareness gives
you peace of mind.

When you have the ability to instantly, accurately, and unconsciously evaluate your environment and rank the threat level, you’ll experience an earned calm that escapes all but the most highly trained operators. The Real World Safety Situational Awareness and Threat Detection training takes advantage of the fact that the unconscious mind is constantly working in the background to keep you safe. The unconscious mind takes care of digestion, balance, respiration, pumping blood, and releasing various chemicals into the blood and brain. It can also take care of situational awareness, but almost nobody teaches situational awareness in a way that takes advantage of the power of the unconscious mind. Here’s why this is important… The conscious mind sees and at about 2 frames per second. That’s  S  L  O  W. Fortunately, the unconscious mind sees at around 20 frames per second. That’s 10x as fast!

It gets better…

Depending on the study, brain scientists tell us that our conscious mind processes 40-126 chunks of information per second.

Our unconscious mind, on the other hand, is processing upwards of 12 MILLION chunks of information per second.

If you’re consciously trying to continually evaluate your environment for threats in addition to actually engaging in conversation with other people, the conscious mind just doesn’t have the bandwidth to do both well and it puts a considerable amount of stress on the mind.

But IF YOU GIVE THE MIND THE TOOLS IT NEEDS to unconsciously identify and rank dangers and threats--like the ones you're about to learn--it can work in the background while your conscious mind is fully engaged with people around you.

The end result is the holy grail of situational know more of what's going on around you, you're more relaxed, and you're more fun to be around.

When your mind is trained to continually, automatically, and accurately evaluate the risk level in your environment, you quickly learn to relax when there is no threat and relocate when there is a threat.

You'll pick up on what your body/unconscious mind is trying to tell you more readily because you'll have a language and a sensitivity to people and environments.  With practice, you will be focused when necessary, relaxed when allowed.

Here's a little background on the course.  Larry first came to me with this course in 2009. It was 14 hours long. It was an incredible course, but it was too long and too expensive. A couple of years later, he came back to me with an 8 hour version. Again, it was incredible, but it was still like drinking from a firehose. Then, in 2013, he came to me again with a version that’s very close to what we have today. live-scenario-room1I told Larry that we needed to test it…to see if there were any parts that needed to be cut out or clarified better.

So he did. A few thousand people went through the training and Larry refined it AGAIN based on their feedback.

The process wasn’t cheap, fast, or easy, but what we have today as a result is a truly incredible product that’s been refined and honed to a fine edge and delivers more value per minute than ANY other situational awareness training available today.

The key to situational awareness is being able to see opportunities or threats in your environment as early as possible and taking constructive action as a result of that awareness.

Right now, you’re aware of the need for this training…both for you and for those you love.

All that’s left is to take constructive action as a result of that awareness.

And the best way to do that is to get the course today.

emerson-knifeIf you’re anything like me, you’re wondering how much this is going to cost…

After all, the US Government spent more than $4 million dollars on Larry and Anne’s training.

Other situational awareness DVD courses cost several hundred to a thousand or more dollars and they’re too specialized for everyday use.

Real World Safety Version 4 has been tested and refined by thousands of students over the last 6 years to get the version that we have today. Just the first version cost over $225,000 to produce.

Those are all impressive numbers, but here are the 2 numbers that are most important to me and probably a lot more important to you:

1)   Let's say I found myself on trial, sitting next to a $50,000 lawyer, after legally using my firearm to defend myself.  How much would I pay to be able to go back and have the situational awareness skills to avoid having to
defend myself in the first place.


2)   Let's say I found myself answering a call from the police telling me that my wife or kids had been attacked and were in the hospital—or worse.  How much would I pay to be able to go back and give them the situational awareness skills to avoid the attack in the first place.

The Answer:

Name your price and I’d pay it. I’d pay every dime I have, max my credit cards, and borrow every cent I could.

So, to answer your question on the price…it’s a bargain. Not only for the pain that it could save you, but for the immediate feeling of increased confidence, comfort, and awareness in your daily life.

You don´t need to make up your mind right now. Just go ahead and get the Sealed Mindset SEAL Threat Detection Course today and try it out.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Take a full 60 days to go through the 4 sessions and practice the techniques. If for any reason you’re not 100% delighted – if you don´t agree that you and your loved ones will be able to use what you learn to identify and avoid threats…

Simply send the DVDs back and you’ll get a rapid, no hassle, 100% refund.

So, here’s EXACTLY what
you’re going to get…

  • 2 hours of the highest quality situational awareness training for people who are serious about self-defense on DVD shipped directly to your doorstep within 7-10 days (and instant access to the training online) that cover the following:
  • Psychology and physiology of extreme stress. Why your body responds the way that it does, how to use it to your advantage.
  • Human and environmental threat identification.
  • The 4 step process that will get you to safety in 90% of dangerous encounters without having to get physical
  • Social conditioning—how to spot people trying to manipulate you using social norms
  • 5 of the top times to be rude and/or even consider BREAKING THE LAW.
  • A simple, proven, and effective system of movements to use when a situation gets physical and adrenaline is flowing. This system is effective, regardless of whether you’re a Tier I operator with a vest full of gear or a teenage girl with only your wits to protect you.
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures that have been proven to work for military, law enforcement, intelligence professionals, and students, whether at work or at play in small town USA, downtown Detroit, or Mogadishu, Somalia.

And, if you act now, we’ve got a special
bonus DVD for fast action takers
that includes the following:

  • Bonus #1: SEALed Mindset video review of some of the best tools for at-home dry fire practice. (Sealed Mindset teaches 100+ dry fire classes per month and they've tested almost everything)
  • Bonus #2: Sealed Mindset guidelines for developing effective dry fire practice routines
  • Bonus #3: Sealed Mindset instructor system for diagnosing shooting errors and progress with a SIRT or other laser training pistol/insert
  • Bonus #4: Sealed Mindset cold weather specific carry techniques (They live in Minnesota)
  • Bonus #5: Sealed Mindset guide to identifying and eliminating the most common problem in shooting…the dreaded flinch
  • Bonus #6: Sealed Mindset Never Unarmed Empty Hands Combattives mini-course & sneak peak at Concealed Carry Masters Course

You’ll get the DVD training shipped directly to your door in 7-10 business days  AND instant
on-demand access to all of the
content for only $37.

It’s really a no-brainer…so go ahead and take action
now by clicking on the big button below:

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Here’s to your safety,

Ox for Retired US Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch

P.S. Learning this stuff can literally mean the difference between life and death. That’s why I want you to take this entire video series for a spin -without any risk or financial obligation.

Larry personally used and refined this material as a US Navy SEAL to stay alive during extended solo and 2 man operations in cities in hostile countries and it’s been put to use by thousands of law enforcement and civilians in the US.

In other words, it has been weighed, measured, and found effective…both overseas by super elite operators with hostile governments and terrorists actively trying to kill them as well as in the US by everyday husbands, wives, and kids just trying to live their lives and avoid punks and turds.

At this point, if you haven’t taken action yet, it’s probably because there’s some question that I haven’t answered. If that’s the case, please ask by commenting below:

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